Heavy Combination (HC)

TLILIC3017B Licence to drive a heavy combination vehicle


On completion of your training and assessment you will be able to drive a heavy combination vehicle including:

  • Prime mover with a minimum of three axles and a semi-trailer with a minimum of two axles (vehicle must have a GVM rating of at least 24 tonnes)
  • Heavy rigid vehicle towing a trailer (trailer must have at least two axles and a GVM of 12 tonnes or more)


Synchromesh Gear Box is the same gearbox used in a manual car. This is the gear box the trucking industry has adopted, along with automated manuals and automatics. More modern trucks are equipped with these gear boxes and are easier to drive than Constant Mesh Gear Boxes.

  • Once you pass your licence tests your licence will be restricted to ‘Condition B’. This allows you to drive an automatic and/or a synchromesh gear box.

Constant Mesh Gear Boxes are also known as “Road Ranger” or “Crash Box”. These gear boxes are difficult to drive and previous experience is an advantage. Trainees must be proficient at the double declutch required for changing gears.

  • Once you pass your licence tests your licence will have no gear box restriction conditions. You will also be qualified to drive heavy vehicles with an automatic and/or a synchromesh gear box.


  • You must be at least 20 years old
  • You have held a current NSW MR or HR truck licence for a minimum of 1 year
  • Synchromesh Truck – you must know how to reverse a trailer
  • Constant Mesh Truck (Road Ranger) – you must know how to operate a Constant Mesh gearbox and reverse a trailer

Note: P2 licence holders cannot upgrade to this class


This licence will allow you to drive heavy combination vehicles. You will learn:

  • Road Law
  • Performing cabin checks
  • Pre-departure safety inspections
  • Coupling and alignment
  • Transmission types
  • Kerbside stop
  • Turning and handling
  • Long reversing and parking
  • Vehicle manoeuvring

Assessment is a one-on-one road test with an approved RTA Assessor.


We provide registered heavy combination vehicles for your training, loaded to at least 75% of legal weight.

The load is restrained in accordance with load restraint guide.


  • Current NSW photo licence or truck licence
  • Log Book
  • Wear closed-in shoes


We are open and training 7 days a week for your convenience. It’s essential to book ahead so complete the booking form or email us at info@lensdrivingschool.com.au


Start Time 6.30am

Finish Time 4.00 pm (dependent on experience)

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